Smart Care Made Simple

EMMA empowers care service providers to tap into the benefits and opportunities of telehealth and connected care without heavy investment.

A next generation activity tracking and monitoring system tailor-made for improving care outcomes, staff efficiency, and the bottom line of your business.

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A Salutogenic Approach

EMMA is non-disruptive, silent, and invisible. A design that respects the dignity and independence of care recipients. A solution that upholds the right to privacy and autonomy.

By making use of AI and discreet sensors, EMMA keeps an eye for early signs of deterioration, allows timely intervention, and defers the need for escalated care.

Connected Care

EMMA employs artificial intelligence and heuristics to detect emergency events and potential health deterioration, making remote patient monitoring a practical reality.

With an open platform architecture and non-device centric design, EMMA is future-proof and integrates right with your back office systems and nurse call infrastructure.


EMMA is the most advanced connected care solution that allows care service providers to onboard new products and services, and leverage the opportunity for additional revenue streams.

Improved Care Outcomes

A robust turn-key solution that facilitates automation and allows more efficient allocation of staff resources. AI driven technologies for early health deterioration detection and improved care outcomes. Complete audit trail and proof of work.



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