EMMA empowers senior citizens to maintain independence while keeping an eye for early signs of deterioration deferring the need for escalated care.

A next generation activity tracking and monitoring system tailor-made for helping senior citizens to stay safe and active, and providing families peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are protected anytime, anywhere.

Our World is Aging

The European population aged 65 and over will approach 25% by 2030, that is 1 in every 4 people.

97% of dementia sufferers are aged 65 and over. Early signs of dementia, including memory difficulty, word-finding problems, wandering, getting lost, deter confidence and often lead to social withdrawal.

With the use of smart technologies, EMMA helps older citizens and early-stage dementia sufferers regain confidence and stay independent, deferring their need for residence care.


EMMA employs heuristics and artificial intelligence to detect emergency events, making elderly monitoring a less labour demanding chore, and allowing more efficient allocation of nursing resources.

EMMA Cloud interfaces to most existing HOME CARE and RESIDENTIAL CARE safety alarm systems, and seamlessly connects to different brands of new and legacy devices and sensors. EMMA rejuvenates your legacy hardware's useful life by allowing your existing systems to integrate and be managed under a unified management console.


EMMA is the most advanced turn-key solution that allows home care service providers to extend their services to private individuals who are not yet receiving municipality benefits. With no system or equipment to purchase, you can start making new revenue now.


Our powerful management console allows a nursing staff to monitor multiple patients at the same time, and lowers your unit cost. Our management console automatically displays context specific information when an emergency event is detected, and allows speedy dispatch of rescue resources. Cloud-based architecture and built-in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) make remote monitoring a breeze.



Emergency Response

EMMA responds to user-initiated and device-detected emergency events, and arranges for emergency services when it’s needed.

Fall Detection

When a fall is detected, user’s geographic location and medical history is used for directing emergency help in the shortest possible time to minimize further medical complications.

GPS Tracking

Geolocation data is collected only for efficiently directing rescue in case of emergency.  User privacy is strictly protected and respected.

Medication Reminder

Automatic voice calls to help users to keep up with their medication schedule and other routine needs.

Abnormal Heart Rate Detection

When abnormal heart rate is detected, user’s geographic location and medical history is used for arranging for medical attention.


When a geofence breach is detected, user’s latest geographic location is used for directing help if it’s needed.



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